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Manel Cruz | Nedó Tour

Tour Nedó is the new show by Manel Cruz and his band, composed by António Serginho, Eduardo Silva and Nico Tricot. A pretext for making and reinventing music, starting with the recent Vida Nova but also the oldest repertoire, going through unpublished and other themes that will never exist.
After Ornatos Violeta, Pluto, Foge Foge Bandido, and Supernada came Vida Nova, the long-awaited debut album by Manel Cruz. The expectation was great and was exceeded from the first moment. The presentation concerts, two at Casa da Música in Porto and one at the Capitólio in Lisbon sold out quickly. The CD in book format was sought throughout the country and the value of the work was unanimously recognized.

Over 12 songs, Manel Cruz makes himself known a little more and there is much he still has to reveal. The songs and poems that leave no one indifferent, stand out individually and as a whole. “Not Over Yet”, “Beija-Flor”, “Dogs and Bones” and “O Navio Dela” are singles.
On stage, solo or with António Serginho (percussion, piano, xylophone), Eduardo Silva (bass, voice) and Nico Tricot (piano), musicians with whom he has played for over 10 years and, in this formation, for more than 6 years, Manel Cruz shows himself to be a new man. In theater, auditoriums, festivals and big stages, Vida Nova marks the restart of the Porto musician and composer.

Meanwhile, Ornatos Violeta celebrations arose and Manel Cruz surrendered in body and soul. As he always does, and only then he knows how to do it. The summer of 2019 was marked by the reunion of the group of friends whose history was written in the 90s and is still loved by everyone today.

But, once this reunion is over, it’s time for Manel Cruz to resume his New Life in 2020.

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