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Manel Cruz | Porto

Expanding Culture 2019
Church of Saint Peter of Miragaia
Free admission, subject to the capacity of the space.

Few figures in the history of Portuguese music in recent decades will approach the iconic Manel Cruz. His musical career began in the early 1990s with the unique Ornatos Violeta, which would change the Portuguese rock scene at the end of the millennium. After eleven years, two albums, hundreds of concerts and a legion of fans, in 2002 Ornatos broke up, but Manel quickly launched himself into new challenges with Pluto and Supernada, and later Foge Foge Bandido.
As a “consequence of the desire to return to the studio and the stage after a creative hiatus”, Manel Cruz now arrives in Miragaia at this new album presentation concert entitled Vida Nova, where he plays new songs and songs that marked the last twenty years. career, always in an irreverent, shrewd and deeply laid-back style.

Voice and instruments: Manel Cruz

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