Maneva join Lua in “Até Que É Bom”

Maneva participate in Lua‘s new single “Até Que É Bom

Maneva, one of the most expressive Brazilian bands in recent times, with more than 400 million views and 350 million reproductions on digital platforms, joins Lua, the young Brazilian pop sensation, in her latest single, whose video also is now available on Youtube.

Até Que É Bom” is the name of the artist’s new work, whose featuring with the elements of the Maneva group – Tales de Polli (vocals), Felipe Sousa (guitar), Fernando Gato (bass), Diego Andrade (percussion) and Fabinho Araújo (drums) – It’s not just good but simply wonderful and will quickly become a big hit.

With a super current sound and lyrics full of feeling that the group has already accustomed the public to, this is a very rhythmic song that invites everyone to dance.

The song talks about a date in the night, about flirting. About enjoying it, but not giving up so easily. It tells this story of will and challenge that everyone has lived through”, advances the artist to whom Maneva lavishes praise: “Lua is a talented and very promising artist. When the lyrics started to be written by us, we realized that her voice would fit like a glove. And that’s what happened! The Moon finished the composition and interpreted, in a brilliant way, this work”.

Happy and very satisfied with this partnership, the band adds: “We wish all the luck in the world and that “Até Que É Bom” is a real success!”.


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