Mansarda for artists will have 80 rooms, half of them for residence

Eighty quarters, half of which for permanent residence, and an auditorium with 100 seats are included in the values of the Mansarda residence to be built on land ceded by the Lisbon Chamber, in a place yet to be defined, was announced today.

It is an area created by the casting director Patrícia Vasconcelos and another 19 founders, for permanent or temporary residence of people who have been linked to the areas of Portuguese language, art and culture, especially to the performing arts, in order to allow the interaction of generations, promotion of artistic creation and sharing with other institutions, according to the founders of this private institution of social solidarity (IPSS).

Created in 2014, Mansarda, whose project was presented today in Lisbon, is now, five years later, taking the first steps to materialize the residence, designed by the architect Carrilho da Graça, who is also a partner of the association.

Mansarda will comprise a total of 80 rooms, 40 of which are reserved for permanent residence and the rest for temporary residence, with single and double rooms, was announced today in Lisbon.

The building will also have space for an activity area, in which a 100-seat auditorium stands out, which will have regular cultural programming, and whose revenues will revert to the management of the IPSS.

There is also a training room, a rehabilitation room and a biological vegetable garden. Mansarda will also reserve a space where there will be a restaurant, 40 places, open to the public, with the intention of promoting an approximation of the community with the people who live in the residence.

Designed for “when life changes the twists“, Mansarda wants to provide a service to the artistic community that goes beyond the reception.

Patrícia Vasconcelos wants it to be “an active project capable of mobilizing different artistic expressions, fostering interaction and interaction between generations, and that is open to other institutions and visions that contribute positively to the constant dynamization of the project.

The residence will be a space for artistic creation and appreciation of talent,” he said.

Starting on a pro bono basis, the association is collecting donations, through IBAN PT50 0036 0000 9910 5910 4751 0, and raising members who can register through the association’s website

The IPSS is also already part of the institutions that can benefit from the taxpayers and companies’ 0.58% IRS assignment of 2018.

Actor Miguel Guilherme, choreographer Jorge Salavisa, fanatic Camané, former Minister of Culture José António Pinto Ribeiro, journalist Anabela Mota Ribeiro and writer Rui Cardoso Martins are among the founding members of the association.

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