MANTA obtém financiamento de $35 milhões para expansão mundial da sua plataforma de data lineage

  • The technology company managed to raise a total of 35 million dollars in a Series B investment round that, in addition to serving to continue the development of new data lineage solutions, will be applied to the expansion of its workforce.
  • One of MANTA’s growth bets will be Portugal, where it will inaugurate an Engineering and Product Center to receive, by the end of the year, 50 employees.

MANTA, a global data lineage platform that recently arrived in the Portuguese market, has just announced fundraising of 35 million dollars (about 32 million euros) in funds from a Series B investment round led by Forestay Capital and with the participation of Bessemer Venture Partners,, Senovo VC, Credo Ventures, Dan Fougere and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

This new financing will serve to continue the process of expanding this technology’s business in the area of ​​data lineage, namely in terms of developing solutions and expanding its workforce. In Portugal alone, with the creation of the new Engineering and Product Center in Lisbon – which will open in the autumn – the company expects to recruit around 50 professionals from different areas by the end of the year, such as Java Developers, DevOps Engineers, Support Engineers. , Integration Consultants, Product Managers, among others.

We are excited to have the support of new and existing investors to expand our responsiveness, at a time when more and more companies are recognizing the true value of data lineage and its observability“, says Tomas Kratky, Founder, and CEO of MANTA.This funding will allow us to continue the process of expanding our global presence and product development to help customers overcome blind spots in their increasingly complex data streams.

Data management has undergone an enormous transformation over the last decade, through the evolution of organizations towards diverse and interconnected ecosystems, but also fraught with flaws that result in unreliable perceptions, slower data delivery, and an increase in the number of incidents. In this sense, MANTA’s automated data lineage platform allows a comprehensive view of data environments through the construction of a powerful map with all data flows, sources, transformations, and dependencies enabling an improvement in data governance, rationalization of the projects migration process, while enabling observability and accelerating incident resolution.

“Data is among an organization’s most valuable assets, and MANTA’s automated platform is transforming the way data is managed, with a clear and comprehensive view of all data saving customers time, money, and resources,” says Marieke Christmann, Senior Principal at Forestay Capital.We believe that MANTA is a truly transformative company, and we are excited to be a part of MANTA’s journey in its mission to transform complex data environments.

MANTA’s Data Lineage platform was the missing piece in the data management puzzle“, says Alex Ferrara, partner at Bessemer Venture Partners.MANTA’s vision and solutions give greater visibility to data pipelines, and that is very relevant. This is a pivotal time for companies striving to be truly data-driven organizations.

This new round of investment takes place at a time when MANTA has registered significant growth in its platform, and has invested in expanding its presence in different parts of the world, with the opening of offices in Lisbon and Dublin. In total, the company employs more than 150 employees worldwide. The recent release of MANTA’s Release 36 provides even deeper visibility into the most complex aspects of data flow with the migration to the Graph Neo4j database.

MANTA is a worldwide data lineage platform that provides a line of sight to the data environment. By automatically digitizing the data environment, MANTA builds a map with all data flows and, through a user interface and other channels, delivers the data map to both technical and non-technical users, obtaining full visibility and flow control. of data.

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