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Manuel de Oliveira feature “Entre-Lugar”

Maria Matos Theater

It was on the 19th of October, Tuesday, that Manuel de Oliveira presented his new record work. “Entre-Lugar” is an album recorded during the pandemic, in which the guitarist brings us the sounds of his guitar, in intimate moments and where we can also feel his musical references, with tributes to Paco de Lucia and Zeca Afonso.

According to Manuel de Oliveira’s own reflection on how it came about and what “ENTRE-LUGAR” is, he tells us:

“…Creation happens to me as an impetus that throws me towards the unknown, that drives me to decenter, to move towards the other or the world, which takes me out of a certain psychological exile that is the place from me and apparently safe, but meaningless.

The Entre-Lugar is the place of contact with the different. It is between my internal world and the external world, in the place of contact between the threshold of myself and the threshold of the other, where I restore duality.

In Entre-Lugar, I rediscover meaning, whether affective, where I establish bonds with the other, or aesthetic, a place of the unknown where the emptiness of meanings enhances new aesthetic meanings and allows me to reconcile my musical influences without fear of transgressing their original places.

The Entre-Lugar is not a sealed place, it is a path, it is a journey, a border separates and limits and at the same time allows contact and brings it closer together. It is a fertile place in a perpetual movement that gives me back Creation and Love. …”

The concert also featured the special participation of fado singer Marco Rodrigues, who is an unconditional fan of the guitarist, in the song “Sopro”, which the guitarist dedicates to his father, “Nem Ventos Nem Madrugadas” and “Verde Limão”.

The public who attended this concert did not feel defrauded, quite the contrary, they stood up and applauded the artist, guitarist and composer, with comments such as “very good“, “exceptional“, “not enough“, among others.

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