Manuel de Oliveira’s new album now available

Known as the Iberian guitarist, Manuel de Oliveira delivers to his compositions the reflections of an Iberian soul that runs through his veins without, however, leaving latent a respect, a timeless veneration, for his origins and traditions.

With a vast international career, he is one of the most prolific contemporary guitarists. From its curriculum, the international edition of the album “Amarte” stands out and its presence in some of the most important European festivals – “Emociona Jazz!!” (Spain) and “Couleurs Jazz” (France), alongside names like Brad Mehldau, Chick Corea, Mike Stern and Richard Galliano, among many others.

Manuel de Oliveira conceived “Os Nosso Afetos”, a show at the opening ceremony of Guimarães 2012 – European Capital of Culture, with Cristina Branco, Chico César and Rão Kyao. The most recent “Ibéria Live”, with the renowned musicians who founded Flamenco Jazz – Jorge Pardo and Carles Benavent, sold out at CCB and Casa da Música in 2016.

Manuel de Oliveira now edits the album “Entre-Lugar”. Starting in the north, “Entre-Lugar” is a musical trip in a trio, with João Frade at the Accordion and Sandra Martins at the Cello.

There are special guest appearances by fadista Marco Rodrigues, drummer Marito Marques and das Maria Quê. An album dedicated to his father and master, guitarist Aprígio Oliveira and also includes tributes to José Afonso and Paco de Lucia.

For “Entre-Lugar”, Manuel de Oliveira started from his renowned Iberian identity, adding colors and flavors from other places, crossing the ethnic with the urban, the African music with the fado, the flamenco with the tango, in a vast symbiosis multicultural.

The Viola Braguesa plays a decisive role in this multiculturalism, previously explored on the album “Iberia” but here and now with a more pronounced and decisive presence.

Braguesa, thanks to its sound somewhere between the dullness of Portuguese guitar and the exoticism of Arabian mandola, gives “Entre-Lugar” its true meaning, of restless identity, without prejudice and at the same time full of authenticity among places in the Portuguese identity.

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