Mar Shopping Algarve hosts photographic exhibition workshops in Cabo do Mundo

The photographic exhibition, which is an invitation to visit the Fortress of Sagres, through the eyes of people aged between 16 and 85, will be open to the public from June 14th.

MAR Shopping Algarve will host, between the 14th and 27th of June, the exhibitionOficinas do Cabo do Mundo”, a project that involved students from the Cândido Guerreiro Professional School and seniors living in the parish of Alte, invited to embark on a journey of discovery, exploration, learning and joint experience of experiences, exchange of knowledge, sharing of affections and artistic creation about the Fortress of Sagres. It should be noted that each young person in the tourism course was paired with a senior from the village of Alte, in the form of a creative and intergenerational duo.

The exhibition, which has been touring the Algarve region since August 2021 and until December 2022, is open to the public at MAR Shopping Algarve until the 27th of June, on the 1st floor, from 9 am to 11 pm, with eleven photographs that motivate knowledge and appreciation of the Algarve heritage. In this exhibition, you can also get to know the entire process of artistic experimentation of the young people and seniors involved, through the Diário de Bordo.

For Ana Antunes, Director of MAR Shopping Algarve,this project is fascinating for its various dimensions: from the outset, the appreciation of the Algarve heritage, promoting its dissemination through the photographic perspective; then this shared, intergenerational vision that is so rich and that results in an exhibition that should make us all proud. We know that the exhibition has passed through several spaces and we wanted MAR Shopping Algarve to also host this show, which will certainly win over the thousands of people who visit it regularly

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