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MAR Shopping Algarve and Matosinhos challenge the Portuguese to donate gifts

The MAR Shopping Algarve and MAR Shopping Matosinhos shopping centers will launch an original Re-boxing campaign.

Unlike Unboxing, the process of unwrapping a gift on social media, this initiative aims to breathe new life into all the gifts we receive and will never use. This movement will live through the presence on online platforms, digital influencers and physical presence.

The Ingka Centers Re-Boxing campaign has its origins in an international study carried out in six countries on this topic. According to the results of a survey carried out with 1,000 Portuguese, 4 out of 5, ie 80%, said they receive gifts from family and friends that they do not want or will never use. In Portugal, the least used or desired gifts are: clothing (54%), accessories (46%), bath and beauty products (31%), books (22%), kitchen and household utensils (22%), shoes and slippers (19%), toys and games for children (17%), home appliances (9%) and gadgets and technology (7%).

As for the destination of these gifts, 41% return or exchange it for something of interest, 40% keep it but never use it, 34% give it to another person and only 25% donate to charity institutions. This data seems to indicate that we do not remember that unwanted gifts can be very useful to other people, since 82% of respondents confess to making donations to institutions or causes during this festive period.

To boost this movement, MAR Shopping Algarve has a solidarity wardrobe next to Aldeia de Natal, where visitors can re-box clothes, accessories and shoes (in good condition), “gifts” that will later be donated to institutions CAT (Housing First Project), “Os Miúdos” and EXISTIR (Association for the Intervention and Rehabilitation of Disabled and Disadvantaged Populations) shelter.

MAR Shopping Algarve and MAR Shopping Matosinhos will also use the power of some influencers to boost this initiative.

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