MAR Shopping Matosinhos receives exhibition honoring health professionals

The photographic exhibition integrated in the project “110 portraits of a fight”, by Marcus Garcia, in partnership with the Centro Hospitalar e Universitário de São João (CHUSJ), will be on display throughout the month of June at MAR Shopping Matosinhos.

The itinerant exhibition, which honors health professionals who were at the forefront of combating the pandemic of the new coronavirus, will later be on display at MAR Shopping Algarve between July and August. There are 110 portraits of CHUSJ employees who were at the forefront of the fight against Covid-19, captured during the months of June to August last year.

The inspiration was the images that, in the most intense period of the first wave of the pandemic in Portugal, several media transmitted from health professionals in whose faces the signs of exhaustion of hours, days, weeks followed by personal effort were visible.

Humanizing and honoring not only CHUSJ professionals, but the entire Portuguese national health system, who almost lost their identity behind masks, protective suits, visors, glasses, gloves, and caps, is the main purpose of the exhibition.

Upon receiving the exhibition in its shopping centers in Portugal, Ingka Centers is associated with the tribute. “In the most critical periods of the pandemic, we heard a number of officials call the pandemic situation that we live in war. If what we faced was a war, the health professionals were our soldiers. For months they sacrificed their personal lives to save the lives of strangers. How many have not gone weeks and even months without being with their children? Honoring them in this way is the least we can do”, reveals Sandra Monteiro, general director of MAR Shopping Matosinhos.

“This project arose from the desire to make the population aware of the effort made by health professionals. I wanted to show who these people were, listen to them, get to know them. They fought daily behind the protections they wore, becoming almost unknown”, explains Marcus Garcia, who resorted to color as an expressive element of the faces.

In turn, Fernando Araújo, chairman of the board of directors of CHUSJ, sees the passage of the exhibition through the MAR Shopping Matosinhos and Algarve shopping centers as “a continuation of the main objective of this project, which is to make the community’s eyes and faces known to the community. who did their best for all of us.”

On June 4, at 5 pm, in the restaurant space, on the 1st floor, there will be a presentation session of the initiative, which will include testimonies from Marcus Garcia (photographer) and four photographed employees (a doctor, a nurse, a technician diagnostics and therapeutics and an operational assistant).


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