Marcelo praises “daily heroes” of the Web Summit

The President of the Republic today heard testimony from refugees living in Portugal, who praised them as “everyday heroes” as a counterpoint to the glamour of the Web Summit, which he said was that technology can serve good or evil.

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa expressed his enthusiasm after hearing the “heroic testimonies” of Ilda Viviane, Farid, Vimbayi and Mohamed, respectively, from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe and Syria, on 13. The International Congress of the Portuguese Council for Refugees, at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon.

The head of state pointed to this initiative as “the good moments of politics” and said that he would immediately follow the closing of the “digital summit” Web Summit, stating: “There are great bosses of large multinational companies, there are the leaders of science and technology, there are some of those who rule the world or have passed by, some who are influential in the world of economics and business. ”

“There are the young people that with their start-ups are starting up, and so it is the world, as they now say, of ‘glamour’: party, innovation, creativity, future, good news, of the change facing the future, “he said.

In an audience made up of refugees and students from schools in the Lisbon region, he added: “And yet, societies are made up of people of the flesh. What use are these technologies if they do not serve people of flesh and blood? They are very important if they do not serve. ”

“If what is discussed there, if what is seen there, if what changes there in the world of the Internet, of new technologies serve to do good, it is worth it. It is not enough to say: how good the advancement of technology, we must ask: at the service of who, of what, of what values? “, he added.

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa defended that, if he goes to the “values like these” service, of receiving refugees, “then it’s worth it”.

The President of the Republic encouraged young people in their assistance to fight against “xenophobic, racist and closing societies” which, in their view, appear to be “the clearly dominant wave in Europe”, and criticized unilateral actions in breach of agreements countries.

“I’m going to talk about this at the Web Summit, in a little while, which is an unlikely place to talk about it, but it’s in unlikely places to talk,” he promised.

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