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Marco Margain, returns to Portugal to present the new spring menu

Boca Linda

Known across borders, chef Marco Margain now returns to Boca Linda to inaugurate the new Spring Menu and reveal the best-kept secrets of herbology and well-being, in a Cooking & Wellness Experience that promises to enrich the body and soul.

Making the distance that separates Portugal from his homeland seem short, chef Marco Margain travels from Mexico directly to Boca Linda in time to inaugurate the new Spring Menu and carry out a unique gastronomic experience in which he aims to reveal the properties of plants and its benefit for physical, mental and spiritual well-being, promising to transport anyone to the true roots of Mexican culture from May 1st to 7th.

marco margain2
Marco Margain

Born to do justice to true Mexican flavours, promising gastronomy without prejudice, Marco Margain launches a week of well-being and herbology that solidifies this premise. Prepared to pass on his testimony, in a new concept that pays homage to wellness, the executive chef of Boca Linda, also known as “el cocinero de la tierra”, opens the Cooking & Wellness Experience (€50) on the 1st and 2nd of May, a culinary celebration that takes advantage of the properties of plants and their benefits, inviting moments of preparation and tasting in a relaxed and flavour-filled atmosphere where tradition and innovation merge to create a truly unparalleled experience.

The Spring Menu (€40), available during dinner hours, aims to assert itself as an anticipation of what will be the perfect dish for the days ahead, focusing on light and typical dishes. Composed of five times and a drink, the spring menu begins with a trilogy of oysters that promises to introduce the dishes that follow in the best way possible. Then, Tribilin, a ceviche with shrimp, fish and beef fillet tips, introduces the necessary freshness. The Tiritas Zihua, which follows a cocktail of shrimp tiritas marinated in lemon in the Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo style, introduces the choice of main dish. Between Shrimp Burrito and Quesabirra or Duck Meat and Pork Knuckle Tacos, the choice seems to make the task difficult for the most indecisive. To finish in the best way, the postre presents a variant of farófias with a Mexican touch, a true Floating Island of flavours.

marco margain3
Marco Margain

This menu will be exceptionally available on May 5th at lunchtime (€25), allowing you to choose two of the dishes from the Spring Menu and even a dessert. Being the perfect plan to celebrate Mother’s Day, it aims to provide a moment of gastronomic exploration in a family environment, where memories are made around the table.

With a promise of authentic flavours, unique experiences, and an irresistible fusion of gastronomy and wellness, the return of Marco Margain is the perfect opportunity to satisfy the senses and revitalize the body and soul in an ode to true Mexican culture, in which intense flavours and enveloping aromas transport you beyond borders.

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