Marés Vivas hosts until Sunday more than 40 shows in four stages

The Festival Marés Vivas, hosts between now and Sunday, in the Old Drought of Bacalhau, in Vila Nova de Gaia, more than 40 concerts, divided by four stages, with highlight to Keane, Kodaline, Ornatos Violeta and Sting.

The main stage opens today at 19:30 with the performance of the 22-year-old Portuguese Mishlawi who, in 2019, released his first album ‘Solitaire’, from which came the theme ‘Uber Driver’.

Then followed by The Four and Half whose debut album ‘Pontos nos Is’, released on June 30 of this year, went directly to the top spot in the top national sales charts, British rock band Keane, who performed for the last time in Ireland in 2013, and Irish indie band Kodaline (who replaced Snow Patrol in the poster) closes the night at 00:00, the stage where he performed in 2016 and 2018.

On the other hand, the Santa Casa venue receives, from 16:30, the Portuguese Beatriz Pessoa, with two EPs, and Joana Espadinha, who in September 2018 edited their second album, ‘The Material Has Always Reason’.

The Kappa Jota, Plutonium and DJ Order will be the ‘owners’ of the Moche Block stage of this first day.

In the festival, there is also a stage dedicated to humor, the RTP Comedy, where Marco Cunha, Sérgio Ribeiro Pereira, Sofia Bernardo, and Serafim will pass today.

This year, the organization, in charge of the promoter PEV Entertainment, changed the location of the stages, especially of the main stage, to make the venue “more breathable” and thus surpassing 40 thousand people a day.

Jorge Lopes, head of PEV Entertainment, expects to surpass the 2018 stockpile of 40,000 people a day last year and reach 50,000.

On Thursday, the promoter announced that she had exhausted the three-day general pass and the tickets for Saturday, the day the Portuguese actresses Violeta, who started in Oeiras, Alive, a series of three concerts commemorating the 20 years of ‘The Monster Needs Friends’, the band’s second album that broke up in 2002.

“We advise you not to buy tickets through unofficial resale sites, as tickets will not be valid at the entrance of the show,” he warned.

On the next two days the Ornatos Violeta, Mando Diao, Carlão, Don Broco, Tiago Nacarato, Morcheeba, HMB, and Sting ascend to the main stage.

The other three will pass João Só, Biya, Maria Bradshaw, Tainá, Valas, Domi, Bishop, Miguel Sete Escacas, Nuno Lacerda and Pedro Neves.

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