Margarida Femme Campelo Falafel at Musicbox

December 9th in the celebrations of Musicbox's 17th anniversary

Margarida Femme Campelo Falafel – this is how two of the most promising singer-songwriters and multi-instrumentalists of the new generation of Portuguese music present themselves as a duo.

Margarida Campelo and Femme Falafel will perform on December 9th in a unique concert as part of Musicbox’s 17th-anniversary celebrations.

Daisy likes apples. Femme likes raspberries. They hate running but love sleeping.

Falafel wanted to be a clerk, and Campelo wanted to work in an office, but fate brought them to the Musicbox stage for a gentle duel. Astral compatibility, seasonal depression. Warm harmonies, absent modesty. Two relaxed divas on a night of fulminating delirium and dominant Lydians.

Despite sharing the stage regularly, this is the first time that just the two of them have done so in an exploration of their repertoires, where they will interpret each other’s songs, with space for some versions of artists whose influence is noticeable in the work and career of both. In the words of Margarida Campelo: I think they are compositions that complement each other and will give an explosive show. And it makes sense that we join forces at the beginning of my solo career, which is mine and Raquel’s, for an event as special as Musicbox’s anniversary.

December 9th | Musicbox
Doors opening: 9:30 pm | Tickets: €15

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