Margarida Vasconcelos presents ‘Bem Perto’

After debuting in 2020 with the single Se Tu Sabes and in 2021 with the theme ‘Tentei’, the young songwriter decided to show another pop side with this ‘Bem Perto’.

Margarida Vasconcelos, explainsyes totally, the goal was really to release something fresher, more colorful, and positive, the “tried” was written in a completely different scenario (in the pandemic) many of the songs written at that time were directed more to the melancholy side. my creative process, the environment I find myself in has a lot of influence.

For Margarida this new single is special for two reasons… first because it has a fresh summer vibe and a super catchy beat, secondly because when I wrote it, I had in my mind all the people that are important in my life and the will to always keep them very close to me, it’s also super cute to realize that the listener can visualize anyone listening to the theme, it’s not just a romantic song, but it can be dedicated to parents, grandparents, children, boyfriend, anyone you love much and that you want very close to you.

For the production of this single ‘Bem Perto’, Margarida Vasconcelos had the producer and musician Edu Monteiro (author of the hit ‘Love You Better’). For the composer, it was an obvious option “Edu is an incredible and super talented musician and producer, I have always identified a lot with his musical style, and that was the reason for proposing to him to produce “Very Close”. The choice of the producer is super important, in the end, the theme ends up being part of me but also a little part of who produces“.

An essential part of this single ‘Bem Perto‘ is the music video that as Margarida Vasconcelos explains to us “I live in a beautiful area, Cabeceiras de Basto, a village in the north of Portugal. It would be unthinkable for me not to enjoy the wonderful landscapes we have there. to record beautiful videos like this one. The car was a special touch, when I wrote the script for the video I wanted romantic scenes that portray a typical summer love, and the idea of ​​the car came up right away, which ends up being responsible for many of the frames of the video. The car belongs to a friend who was nice and offered to lend it“.

‘Bem Perto’ is now available on digital platforms.

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