Maria Bethânia, first confirmation of the Festival Jardins do Marquês – Oeiras Valley

Maria Bethânia, brings to Portugal her praised show “FEVEREIROS” and other surprises on summer nights, at Jardins do Marquês, at the Festival Jardins do Marquês – Oeiras Valley in Oeiras on July 1st.

After the success of the first editions, the Festival Jardins do Marquês – Oeiras Valley returns to Jardins do Marquês in Oeiras for another series of unmissable summer nights, with proposals full of charm and sophistication, catering to a demanding audience. And it is thinking about the summer that the first confirmation arrives for the 3rd edition in 2023:

Tickets are now on sale at and in the usual places. New confirmations for the 3rd edition of Jardins do Marquês Oeiras Valley coming soon.

It is impossible to write a history of Brazilian music or music sung in Portuguese without mentioning the name of Maria Bethânia. Interpretations such as “Ronda”, “Negue”, “Olhos Nos Olhos”, “Reconvexo”, “As Canções Que Você Fez Para Mim” have delighted the public throughout his more than 50-year career. Albums such as “Álibi” (1978), “Mel” (1979) or “Talismã” (1980) will forever remain in the history of best-selling albums in Brazil, making Maria Bethânia the first woman to sell more than 1 million albums.

Another big name in Brazilian music, her brother Caetano Veloso, describes her like this:
I know Bethânia’s voice from the inside out: it was developing close to me – and it had the genetic elements that are present in my own voice, in that of my other siblings, in that of my children. Bethânia’s strong personality has always been the one you feel when she enters the stage, in a restaurant, or in a living room. Her voice was also always this peculiar, with tones of copper and aquamarine. It is a texture that conveys intense and immediate feelings and intelligence. It is a person-voice, inseparable. And since always tied to music through poetry.

Predictability has always been overlooked in the artistic career of singer Maria Bethânia. It is a fact that after the sudden success of her breathtaking interpretation of the song “Carcará”, in 1965, the most daring chose her as a protest singer, a title that she immediately declined. Maria Bethânia, according to those closest to her, always knew what she wanted to sing. And so, she followed and continues to interpret the chosen song in her own unique and peculiar way. So what to expect from a show punctuated by the great successes of this singular performer who occupies fifth place in the list of the 100 greatest voices of Brazilian music of all time, carried out years ago by Rolling Stones Brasil magazine? Surprises, always.

A repertoire punctuated by tradition and contemporaneity:
The concert brings us hits from her career, songs from her most recent works, and unpublished songs in her voice. The common thread used by the singer, who is also responsible for the artistic direction and alignment, dialogues with the presented repertoires. Composers from before their generation, contemporary composers, and others who emerged later are present in the generous repertoire of this show: Adelino Moreira (Negue) Paulo Vanzolini (Volta por Acima), Caetano Veloso (Reconvexo), Chico Buarque (Olhos nos Olhos), Chico César (State of Poetry), Belchior (Galos Noites e Quintais), Xande de Pilares, Carlinhos Madureira and Gilson Bernini (It’s Written).

Accompanied by musicians Romulo Gomes (double bass), João Camarero (7-string guitar), Lan Lahn (percussion), Paulo Dafilin (guitar, viola, and electric guitar), Marcelo Costa (percussion) and Marcelo Calder (conductor, piano and accordion), Maria Bethânia continues to reinvent herself. Not coincidentally, the show that has already passed through Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, and Vitória da Conquista, Belo Horizonte, impacted a huge legion of fans from the most diverse generations and tribes.

Maria Bethânia promises a memorable concert at a Festival that seems to have been born to welcome voices like this one. Maria Bethânia will perform on the 1st of July, at the nearby Jardins do Marquês – Oeiras Valley.

Always confirm with the concert hall or promoter the conditions of access, confirmation of the date or time, tickets place of sale, price, and availability.

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