Maria do Sameiro said new album as a reflection of 30 years of career

Singer and songwriter Maria do Sameiro said that her new album, ‘De Alma e Coração’, reflects her career of about 30 years, having recorded fado, popular marches and songs from popular songbook minhoto.

I especially like to sing songs of my own and, in this work, most of the songs – lyrics and music – are my own, namely the “Chulinha das Baixinhas”, based on a traditional melody, “or” Maria Minhota Minho) “.

“I feel naturally, it’s part of me, that I must keep alive the rich musical heritage of minhoto, renewing the poetic theme, updating, but maintaining the traditional melodies,” said the singer.

From Fado, Maria Sameiro recorded ‘Premonição Fadista’ and ‘Vendedeira de Tremoços’, ‘Piquenique Fadista’, with lyrics in the traditional melody of Fado Mouraria, and ‘Por Teus Dedos Guitarrista’ by Mario Rainho, who recorded in Fado Rosita, scored by Joaquim Campos.

Among the marches, in this CD, stands out ‘I’m from Porto, I’m from the North, I’m Tripeira’, by the singer.

The album was produced by the musician Lino Lobão and has the participation of Gonçalo Salgueiro, with whom he recorded ‘Homage to Santa Maria’ ( Sameiro / Martinho d’Asuncion) and Rui Vaz, with whom he shares the interpretation of ‘Cantares do Minho ‘, from the popular songbook.

The interpreter is accompanied by João Ferreira Martins and Samuel Cabral, on the Portuguese guitar, Carlos Santos and Paulo Faria de Carvalho, on the viola, Lino Lobão and Alex on the bass guitar, and Pedro Almeida on percussion.

This CD, the ninth of Maria do Sameiro’s career, ends an uninterrupted seven-year interregnum, said the interpreter, who pointed to social networks and digital platforms as “great disseminators of artists and their work across borders.”

Born in Matosinhos, on the outskirts of Porto, with origins as minhotas, Maria do Sameiro was still young and settled in Minho, whose song “since the age of seven” attracted her.

“I was at the age of seven at a school party. I faced an audience, I sang, I liked it and I never stopped,” he said.

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