Maria Gadú – Misty Fest

The composer, singer and author, Maria Gadú, was last Friday at Tivoli BBVA to participate in the Misty Fest with a “Pelle Tour” show.

The artist, reference of current Brazilian music and author of themes such as “Shimbalaiê” or “Altar Particular“, toured more popular themes but also, “Mundo Liquid“, her new single.

The Brazilian singer who is always very cherished in Portugal has returned to participate in shows of Misty Fest in Lisbon and Porto, produced by UGURU.

Those present can hear, sing and applaud to the singer’s intimate show, which aims to “make music with people and not people”, accompanied by her electric guitar and viola and some percussion songs.

And in Maria Gadú’s words about the “Pelle tour“, “After more than a decade, I do this delicious tour with only guitar and guitar. The loneliness on the stage, the songs in their raw and naked forms, the improvisation.

In an almost crowded room, Maria Gadú spread good music, good humour, but also spoke of serious themes such as the defence of Amazonia, the environment, depression or threatened indigenous tribes in Brazil, to a fan audience who applauded the performance from beginning to end.

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