Maria Matos Theater in Lisbon begins to receive audiences again

Maria Matos Theater reopens with the replacement of the musical ‘Avenida Q’, which was on stage in 2017 at Teatro da Trindade and Casino de Lisboa and, in 2018, at Teatro Sá da Bandeira, in Porto. Today there will be a solidarity essay.

The musical, staged by Rui Melo, will be on stage until November 1st and marks the return to the activity of this theater, now granted by the Lisbon City Council to the Production Force.

The Municipal Theater Maria Matos said goodbye to the public, as a space managed by the municipality, on July 14, 2018. Exactly two years later, it will once again welcome the public.

The program will focus mainly on the realization of theatrical productions for the general public, with their own productions, national and international co-productions and partnerships in a regular, diverse and accessible offer, organized in long and medium seasons.

To complement the central Theater program, there will also be activities in the music area, with a regular focus on the offer, in the form of cycles, festivals and presentations, and the possibility of developing projects of a social and inclusive nature with educational and social concerns is also open. that will promote new audiences.

Teatro Maria Matos also has a café whose opening date has yet to be defined.

The musical program starts with the Clã, who will present their new album, ‘Véspera’, on July 20.

During the summer, concerts by Cabrita (3 August) and Afonso Cabral (4 August), the show ‘Salvador Sobral sings Brel’ (10 and 11 August) and performances by Alma Nuestra (17 and 18 August) are also scheduled, Salvador Sobral (August 24 and 25) and Ruge, project by journalist Rodrigo Guedes de Carvalho (September 7 and 8).


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