Mariana Dalot presents “Círculo”

Launch and presentation at Fnac on October 21

The Debut album features the production of Pity – The Black Mamba and includes 12 original songs that sing everyday life with feeling.

After making herself known with the singles “No Final”, “Coisas simples” and “Contigo”, singer-songwriter Mariana Dalot presents “Círculo”, her debut album that features the production of “Pity”, by The Black Mamba.

Music has always been part of Mariana Dalot’s life, she studied at the Calouste Gulbenkian Music Conservatory in Braga and in secondary school took the Musical Training course, having studied piano, transverse flute, and voice. In 2015 she moved to London, where she completed her higher education in Popular Music Performance-Vocals at the renowned British and Irish Modern Music Institute.

After their first experiences in London city with different styles outside the Classical, and playing in a band, the singer decides to return to Portugal in 2018, where she begins to write her first lyrics and songs, building the sound identity that translates into her first record work.

“Círculo” is a sentimental album, born from Mariana’s life and from the emotionality as she sings of love and longing, sadness and hope, escape and consolation, doubt, and silence, overcoming and the “things simple things that move the world”. A work built around everyday existence, its dramas, and potential, always marked by a touching vocal delivery.

In a sentimental, unpretentious pop record that winks at folk acoustics, this is an intimate record by a songwriter who never thought of being a singer, but who progressively found in her songs a way of expressing her emotions, whether in more expansive registers, reflective, melancholic or contemplative. The result is 12 careful, original, and unique songs, which are reflected in the following lineup:

  • 1. Coisas Simples
  • 2. Um lugar
  • 3. Juntos
  • 4. Consolo
  • 5. Café
  • 6. Tanta coisa
  • 7. Fugir
  • 8. Moro no silêncio
  • 9. Contigo
  • 10. Eu de ti
  • 11. Dias tristes
  • 12. No final

“Círculo” is an album distributed by Universal Music Portugal, which is now available on all digital platforms and stores and has lyrics and music by Mariana Dalot and production by Pity, a musician and producer who has worked with names such as Ana Moura, Dino D ‘Santiago, Cuca Roseta, Bárbara Tinoco, among others, in addition to being part of the group The Black Mamba.


  • OCTOBER 21 – FNAC CHIADO – 6:30 pm
  • OCTOBER 23 – FNAC CASCAIS – 17:00
  • OCTOBER 29 – FNAC ALMADA – 5:00 pm
  • OCTOBER 30 – FNAC COLOMBO – 5:00 pm

Who is Mariana Dalot?

Music appears early in Mariana’s life, she completes her schooling at the Calouste Gulbenkian Music Conservatory in Braga, in secondary school, she takes the Musical Training course, completes the 5th grade of piano, takes singing lessons from the 10th grade and transverse flute for 3 years. Later, the artist completes 1 year of singing at the Conservatory Superior de Gaia. (2014/2015).

In 2015, she moved to London and studied Popular Music Performance-Vocals at the British and Irish Modern Music Institute.

London is where the artist has her first direct contact with all musical styles outside of Classical and where she plays for the first time with a band on stage.

In 2018 she returns to Portugal and settles in Lisbon. It is also this year that she begins to write her first songs in Portuguese.

She never thought of being a singer, but she knew that she loved to sing. She grows up listening to classical music and American Pop artists and has always wanted to live abroad, but it is when she moves to London that, interestingly, she gains more taste for Portugal and Portuguese culture. It is when she starts to listen to more Portuguese artists, that she also decides that it made sense to start writing and singing in Portuguese.

She is the sister of Diogo Dalot, a Manchester United FC player since 2018 and the Portuguese national football team.

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