Mariana Moreira presents new album “Comumdidade”

Comumdidade is the title of Mariana Moreira’s first album. A play on words gave rise to the title.

15 themes composed and produced by the young artist. Mariana shows us her creative and musical diversity. It brings us themes in Portuguese, English, and in Brazilian Portuguese. “It was not an easy process and I know that if I had more people working with me, I would have liked to make this album even more. However, I had to bring this to the world. I have over 100 songs, I had to put some out!”

Thus, Mariana Moreira conceived Comumdidade. A mixture of common feelings of age created in a space of comfort.

Comumdidade has the participation of Pedro Vicente, an excellent composer and a great friend of Mariana, in a very special theme (Pela Rua). “Pedro had to be part of this. He was the first person to sing an original of mine live with me, and that is such a pleasure.”

The album cover, designed by the singer, is an illustration that contains several elements characteristic of the idea of ​​Comumdidade. “You can count on a very special feature: each of these elements is not there by chance. Each element concerns a theme on the album. I leave you the challenge of trying to match it”.

Mariana Moreira says that she intends to send a very important and special message with this album: “If we spend a lot of time thinking about how to reach the goal, we end up wasting time and the path. So I made this album, which in a mixture of affection, work and will, translates exactly this idea”.

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