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Mariana Reis presented não és tu, nem sou eu in an intimate concert


Musicbox was the stage for the presentation of não és tu, não sou eu, the debut album by Mariana Reis, which includes the song “lado a lado”, which we can hear in the SIC soap opera, “Senhora do Mar” with João Pedro Pais.

During the year 2023, Mariana presented several singles, “mais uma sobre ti”, “alguém que só sonha contigo”, “lado a lado” AND “feita parva, mas tua”, which formed her debut album, não és tu, nem sou eu.

marianareis 202404010 musicbox©luismserrao ineews s 6027
Mariana Reis < 2024.04.10 < Musicbox ©Luís M. Serrão

An album where Mariana Reis introduces us to her compositions, which in the concert presentation she states are “a portrait of her relationships and how they developed (through good and bad times) and the importance they had in her emotional growth. From the days when passion blinds us, to discouragement and disillusionment, to the understanding and understanding that will finally give us the necessary peace.”

Received by fans, friends and family, who went to Musicbox, to listen and support her, on a night of a lot of nervousness and strong emotions, but also joy and excellent music, in an intimate format, accompanied by viola and electric guitar, took the audience on a journey through their beautiful and delicate songs, with the audience responding with lots of applause and support from start to finish.

marianareis 202404010 musicbox©luismserrao ineews s 6030
Mariana Reis < 2024.04.10 < Musicbox ©Luís M. Serrão

It was with “mais uma sobre ti” that Mariana opened the concert, followed by “feita parva, mas tua” and then her best-known theme, which can be heard in the SIC soap opera, “Senhora do Mar”, feat. João Pedro Pais, “lado a lado”.

Mariana Reis is a singer/songwriter with a delicate voice and writing, inspired by moments from any ordinary life, and she makes them special, it is therefore easy to see ourselves in them. With a degree in Business Management, she spends her days teaching piano and writing new songs, which, with her sweet voice, enchants anyone who stops to listen.

See photos from Mariana Reis’s concert at Musicbox here

marianareis 202404010 musicbox©luismserrao ineews s 6004
Mariana Reis < 2024.04.10 < Musicbox ©Luís M. Serrão


  • mais uma sobre ti
  • feita parva, mas tua
  • lado a lado
  • e se eu te disser
  • não és tu, nem sou eu
  • alguém que sonha contigo
  • um café por beber


  • engana-me hoje, eu deixo
  • feita parva, mas tua

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