Mariana Reis – Debut EP ‘coisas por dizer já disponível’

Mariana Reis edits debut EP things to say (even in lower case)!

After having edited in September 2021 the single “Engna-me Hoje, Eu Leixo” and a few weeks ago “Things to Say”, Portuguese singer-songwriter Mariana Reis is now editing her first EP. Disc where they join the two themes already presented, the “há brilho na noite” and “ainda ando assim“.

But, what can we know more about these themes that make up Mariana Reis’ debut EP? She herself tells us that, for example, in relation to the theme “tcoisas por dizer” “this song talks about the doubts and uncertainties that we have in life, we all have insecurities and so it’s almost like a message about not being alone in this I talk about Mallu Magalhães, who is a big influence that I have, she is an artist that I follow a lot, I am a big fan of her work and on the day I wrote these lyrics, it was at night and I was actually listening to a song of hers. I also talk about the importance of writing and art and how all this can be an escape, almost always making art is an escape.”

And as for the first single “fool me today, I leave”? Mariana Reis explains that “the song talks about relapses, tells a story of a love that is not consistent, where you already know from the start that you have everything to go wrong but you close your eyes to many things.

Mariana Reis tells us that there are some points in common, for example, between “there is brightness in the night” and “things to say” “this song talks about our other side that no one sees, a bit like things to say, of the imperfections that we try to hide. Anxiety and insecurity. But also about there being beauty in the darkness and that it’s normal not to be well, the lyrics are written with an analogy to the night, in which the night is dark but it can be beautiful and just like that side of us that we try to hide, are imperfections that are part of us but we are beautiful like that“.

We are left with, “I still walk like this”, a theme that for Mariana Reistalks about a relationship that took place in the past and that was always left to overcome. Strong feeling. It talks about wanting to forget someone but we can’t, it’s that love of our life “.

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