Mariana Reis “mais uma sobre ti” now available

On the 27th of January Mariana Reis publishes the theme “another about you” on digital platforms.

The Portuguese singer-songwriter Mariana Reis now leaves us with the second advance of a debut album to be released in 2023, after, weeks ago, having edited the single and I tell you.

Mariana Reis explains that “mais uma sobre ti” tells us that “it brings us back to the subject of relationships, but this time we are again on the darker side of love. This single talks about being in love, about the attempts and endless things we do to make everything work, but it doesn’t always depend on us and the story isn’t always experienced with the same intensity by both parties.”

Mariana Reis also tells us that “the will is not always the same, nor the effort. It takes luck so that we are always on the same page and this single talks about the lack of that luck. It is a theme about the failed attempt of a love that never comes to pass and the self-awareness that we don’t want to continue in this impasse, but for some reason, we can’t desperately stop trying.”

Like the single and if I tell you, this song comes with an instrumental and with a more cheerful outfit than what we could hear on the debut EP “Coisas Por Dizer” (edited during 2021 and 2022, in digital single formats and later on CD ) and than the images we can see in the video clip. For Mariana Reis, this dichotomy between the tone of the song and the images gives us “… the feeling that we are consumed by the madness of love, or in this case, the lack of it. And therefore, this video gives us the extension of the darkest thoughts we can have when we are faced with the loss of what we love, or when we realize that we still don’t have the strength to move forward. lost and exhausted. This single is the process of the emergence of this awareness and the need to reverse this course.”

“mais uma sobre ti” by Mariana Reis available on digital platforms on January 27th.

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