Mário Coelho wins 2nd edition of the revelation prize of the D. Maria II Theater

The award is a partnership between Nacional D. Maria II and the insurance group, is annual and aims to recognize and promote emerging talents, aged up to 30 years, in the various areas related to the theater, whose works have stood out in the previous year.

In 2020, during the first confinement, Mário Coelho created, from home, the eight-episode webserie, “Vai Ficar Tudo Bem!”.

Actor, director, playwright and also producer of his own shows, Mário Coelho, born in Lisbon in 1994, moves through the independent panorama of the city, motivated by the desire to find a place where he can express himself freely.

Mário Coelho thus joins the actress, director and playwright Sara Barros Leitão, winner of the first edition of the Prize, delivered in 2020.

The award was chosen by a jury composed of thirteen professionals representing different areas associated with the Portuguese artistic and cultural environment: Álvaro Correia, Cristina Carvalhal, Cucha Carvalheiro, Inês Barahona, Isabél Zuaa, John Romão, José António Tenente, Marta Carreiras, Mónica Garnel, Rui Horta, Rui Pina Coelho, Sara Barros Leitão and Tónan Quito.

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