Marisa Liz anuncies her solo debut with an unreleased song by António Variações, ‘Guerra Nuclear’

Theme full of actuality has Moullinex production and is available on September 16 at 9 am, on all digital platforms.

Universal Music Portugal is proud to present Marisa Liz’s first single in her own name, which debuts with an unreleased song by António Variações, which he himself never edited, entitled Guerra Nuclear (Nuclear War). The production was in charge of the famous musician Moullinex, with co-production by Marisa Liz herself.

Guerra Nuclear‘ also has a huge surprise, as we have the opportunity to hear António Variações‘ own voice, taken from the original recording on cassette.

The single will be available on all digital platforms on September 16 at 9 am.

Marisa Liz says about this unique opportunity to give voice to an unreleased song by António Variações:

A gift fell from the sky. That’s what I felt when I knew this song was for me. He had in his hands the purest and strongest message that he wanted to feel and that he wanted to sing. I had and still have in my hands the sadness of knowing that unfortunately, this message continues to make sense. I was certainly invaded, tears of love and desires for peace fell. I was urgently invaded, it was and is urgent to pass on this message from the master. It is urgent to have peace. Variations knew that. A gift fell from the sky. For all. Let’s hear it.

It all started in April of this year. Knowing the existence of an unpublished song by António Variações that addressed the theme of the threat of nuclear war, and taking into account the current context, the family of António Variações and its publishers, Rossio Music, decided to publicize this theme, alerting to the “nuclear delirium”, being it a threat (true or not) increasingly present in everyday life.

Regarding the date of authorship of the song, according to the representative of the heirs of António Variações, “it is impossible to date it, but it must have been at the end of 1983 since the cassette recording already has a considerable instrumental, that is, possibly with the band Variations”.

Marisa Liz was chosen as the perfect messenger to give voice to this unpublished composition by António Variações. Marisa Liz brought together everything they could expect from the side of interpretation, emotion, and her total dedication to the author and his authorship. The artist chose Moullinex to jointly produce this important work, bringing the sound of António Variações to 2022 in a song that is currently of enormous importance.

Guerra Nuclear by Marisa Liz’s voice is assumed to be one of the greatest moments in the history of Portuguese music in 2022. More than ever, it is important to hear her.

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