Marisa Liz, Carolina Deslandes and Ana Bacalhau are the guests of António Zambujo

3 nights at the Capitólio Art Residency

The surprise guests, all women but with very different records, that António Zambujo invites to his Artist Residency, on Capitólio, in Lisbon, on the next 24th, 25th and 26th of November.

The opening night is up to Marisa Liz, who in addition to her solo career is also the vocalist of Amor Electro and on Sunday nights, alongside António Zambujo, Aurea and Diogo Piçarra, animates the evenings of Portuguese families as a jury for the talent competition musicals “The Voice”. The following night it is Carolina Deslandes who, before performing 4 times in her own name at the Coliseus in Lisbon and Porto in January 2022, accompanies her friend António Zambujo in his Artist Residency in Capitólio, with a repertoire in which the theme that should not be lacking they recorded together, “Coisa Mais Bonita”. For the closing night, António Zambujo invites Ana Bacalhau, who returns to the Capitol after having sold it out, last Friday, in the concert to present her new album of originals, “Além da Curta Imaginação”.

In these 3 special nights, artistic (re)creation is emphasized, in a meeting between the resident and his guests. During two days of rehearsals, António Zambujo will explore the musical universes of each one, being able to recreate themes already known to both of them or giving rise to new sounds, at the flavour of the improvisation of that meeting. Without a filter, the Residences present themselves on these three unprecedented nights with the promise of sharing something absolutely exclusive, which the public will not want to miss. Tickets are on sale at the usual places.

António Zambujo makes this stop in Lisbon, at a time when he is on tour to present his most recent and intimate album ever, which has already visited Luxembourg and France, where he performed in a series of concerts accompanied by the Orchester National de Bretagne but also by the Super Bock Arena in Porto and Campo Pequeno in Lisbon. In this return to Lisbon, on the Capitol stage on the 24th, 25th and 26th of November, António Zambujo counts on the contribution of these 3 women, whom he greatly respects and admires.

On stage, Zambujo has been performing «only with one voice and one guitar», as he sings in the song LOTE B, the single with which he presented ‘António Zambujo Voz e Violão‘, inspired by the name of one of his (and ours) records life, ‘João Voz e Violão‘, an album by João Gilberto published in 1999. As journalist Luís Osório wrote: «One day, in some more or less distant future, it will be said that this album is one of the most important of the career of António Zambujo. Not because some of the albums that preceded him are considered smaller, and even less because of the quality of all the songs he hasn’t written or voiced. Simply because ‘Voice and Guitar’ will always be associated with a time that proved to us how fragile we are and how much we need to rethink ourselves in an urgent need for what is essential.».

António Zambujo’s Residencias Artísticas are a production by Sons em Trânsito, in partnership with Décima Colina.

Nov 24 – António Zambujo invites Marisa Liz

Nov 25 – António Zambujo invites Carolina Deslandes

Nov 26 – António Zambujo invites Ana Bacalhau

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