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Marisa Liz confirmed at the MEO Marés Viva festival

The artist takes with him the songs from the recent EP Mensagens de Amor and the solo album Girassóis e Tempestades.

Marisa Liz has just been announced at the MEO Marés Vivas festival. The artist will perform on July 20th, on the Main Stage, where she will perform live the songs from the EP Mensagens de Amor and her debut solo album, the acclaimed Girassóis e Tempestades (2023).

“What a great joy to be able to take my sunflowers, storms and messages of love to Marés Vivas. Let’s go together and do our best to live the music and these messages of love in essence with an audience that I’m sure will be incredible”, commented Marisa Liz.

Marisa Liz no festival MEO Marés Vivas

This announcement comes after Marisa Liz had a triumphant moment when she sold out two of the most emblematic venues in the country, the Lisbon and Porto Coliseus.

Two truly chilling concerts, in which Marisa Liz showed her talent in all its splendour. In these shows, the artist also had several special guests, namely Sónia Tavares, Carlão, Moullinex, Aurea, Mundo Segundo, António Zambujo (who appeared on video during the performance of “Um Dia de Domingo”) and her daughter, Beatriz.

Marisa Liz < 2024.02.10 < Coliseu dos Recreios ©Luís M. Serrão | ineews

Later this year, Marisa Liz released the EP Mensagens de Amor, in which she pays homage to some of the songs of her life, as well as performers she greatly admires. In addition to “Um Dia de Domingo”, a song originally performed by Gal Costa and Tim Maia, the EP also includes versions of “Lately”, by Stevie Wonder, and “Asas”, by GNR, as well as an original song, “Por Amor”, with music by Marisa Liz and Diogo Branco and lyrics by Pedro da Silva Martins.

This EP followed her debut solo album Girassóis e Tempestades, produced by the artist herself in partnership with Moullinex. This album includes great hits such as “Guerra Nuclear” – a new song by António Variações –, “Olha Lá” and “Foi Assim que Happened”.

Marisa Liz < 2024.02.10 < Coliseu dos Recreios ©Luís M. Serrão | ineews

On July 20th, these and many other notable songs in the national pop scene will be heard on the Main Stage of MEO Marés Vivas by the unique voice of Marisa Liz.

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