Marisa Liz lança novo single, “Foi Assim Que Aconteceu”

Tema assinado por Marisa Liz e Diogo Branco

“That’s how it happened
I traveled in that look
So sure it was mine
so sure i wanted to stay

And my body woke up
remembered that he wanted to love
That’s how it happened.”

These verses are sung with emotion and happiness by Marisa Liz in her new single, Foi Assim Que Aconteceu, which is now available. A song about that indescribable moment when we fall in love, when there is the “immortal desire to want to be happy”.

“Foi Assim Que Aconteceu” features lyrics by Marisa Liz and music also by Marisa Liz and Diogo Branco. The string arrangements were in charge of Luís Figueiredo (responsible for the arrangements of “Amar Pelos Dois” by Salvador Sobral). Moullinex once again teamed up with Marisa Liz to co-produce the song. The official music video brings a contemporary and refreshing artistic approach to the song, designed by Marisa herself and directed by André Tentúgal.

This is the third single from Marisa Liz’s long-awaited first solo album, to be released this year, following “Olha Lá” (an infectious electro-pop song by Marisa Liz and Joana Espadinha, produced by Moullinex and Marisa Liz, who transported us to the universe of the 1980s) and the success of “Guerra Nuclear” (an unreleased song by António Variações that marked Marisa Liz’s solo debut and whose video, directed by João Maia – director of the film “Variações ” – adds up to more than 1.3 million views).

With “Foi Assim Que Aconteceu”, Marisa Liz continues to raise curiosity for the release of her first solo album and proves once again why she is one of the most creative and relevant artists in current Portuguese music.

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