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Marisa Monte returns to Portugal and enchants the public in Oeiras

Festival Jardins do Marquês

Jardins do Marques marked Marisa Monte’s return to Portugal, a concert to remember so many of the themes that made her famous around the world, but also to listen to her latest album ‘Portas‘.

The affection of the Portuguese and Brazilian public for Marisa Monte is known, and yesterday, at the Jardins do Marquês Festival, it was proved that a flood of fans to see, hear, and dance in Jardim do Marquês.

Marisa Monte > Festival Jardins do Marquês ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews > 2022.07.05

Themes like ‘Já Sei Namorar’, ‘Velha Infância’ and ‘Passe em Casa‘, among many other successes by Marisa, were moments of joy that the Brazilian singer was giving to the public, in a night to remember.

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Marisa Monte showed an early interest in music, listening to Maria Callas and Billie Holiday as well as Cármen Miranda and Brazilian music.

In his first performance at Jazzmania, in Rio de Janeiro, in September 1987, the repercussion was enormous. A new sensation in the Brazilian music scene was found. She quickly became known to both the young rock audience and the more adult jazz and MPB audience. ‘MM‘ (1989), the first album, featured samba, jazz, black music, blues, soul, bossa nova, and rock. The release of her second album ‘Mais‘ (1991), with her first partnerships with Nando Reis and Arnaldo Antunes, revealed Marisa Monte as a composer with a very unique style, which reflected her multiple musical influences. Since then, the successes have followed one another, thanks to classic albums such as ‘Barulhinho Bom’, ‘Memórias, Crônicas, e Declarações de Amor’, ‘Infinito Particular’ and ‘Universo ao Meu Redor’, records that confirmed Marisa as one of the biggest, most cherished and most respected names in Brazilian music. In 2022, after numerous partnerships, Marisa joined Carlinhos Brown and Arnaldo Antunes to release the album ‘Tribalistas‘.

Jorge Drexler > Festival Jardins do Marquês ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews > 2022.07.05
First part by JORGE DREXLER

The first part of the concert was in charge of Jorge Drexler, Uruguayan singer, and songwriter, known for his song ‘Al otro lado del río’, the first song in Spanish to win the Oscar for best original song. At the Jardins do Marquês Festival concert, he performed alone and promised to return with a band next year.

He had a special guest in Oeiras, Salvador Sobral, with whom he sang two songs, Salvador did not, however, leave the stage without leaving him a few words, “whenever I am invited to a concert, I always say that it is an honor, but this time it is truth, Jorge is for me the best composer in the universe“.

On the Nortada stage, there were also Roda dos Dois, who will be opening the musical afternoon every day with a guest, and Dandara Modesto, a Brazilian singer, interpreter, performer, and music producer based in Zurich, Switzerland. Poetic, powerful, and tropical, her voice reflects contemporary Brazilian music with roots in the tradition of Brazilian song and popular Afro-Brazilian rhythms.

  • On July 7th you will be able to see Carminho, Maro, André Amaro, and Elas e o Jazz.
  • On July 8th, it will be Nouvelle Vague, Gilsons, Valéria Carvalho with special guest, Rui Veloso and Roda de Dois.
  • On the 9th, Gregory Porter, José Cid, Acid Jazz Project, Elisa Rodrigues, and Roda de Dois will take the stage.
  • On July 10th, the last day of the festival, it will be Seu Jorge and Daniel Jobim, who will sing the wonderful songs by Tom Jobim, as well as Rua das Pretas, Moacyr Luz, and Roda de Dois.

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