Mariza, Twenty “Spectaculars” years of a Career


The Great Auditorium of Centro Cultural de Belém sold out for Mariza’s show, which celebrated 20 years of her career. This show is part of the cycle “Há Fado no Cais“.

Estranha Forma de Vidawas the song chosen to open that, which would prove to be an excellent late afternoon, followed by “Sou”.

The fado singer was accompanied by excellent musicians, Luís Guerreiro on Portuguese guitar, Philipe Ferreira on viola, Adriano Alves on bass guitar, João Freitas on drums and João Frade on accordion.

This was the second concert of the year and the fado singer tells us that “in this time of the pandemic, in this different time, the nerves are on edge, as we haven’t played for a long time, but we are also extremely happy to be able to do it. music and share it with all of you”.

Mariza explained that she would play several songs from 20 years of travel, “where there will be fado and there will be many fado influences, but all of this is based on a feeling that she thinks is the most important thing, Love.

The themes “Sem Ti” and “Semente Viva” follow.

Mariza says that to commemorate the centenary of Grande Amália Rodrigues made a tribute album, “a tribute to my way” and it is in her way that she sings “Lágrima”.

Throughout the concert, the fado singer will reveal about herself, about these 20 years that have passed, she said that her mother is from Mozambique and her father istypically Portuguese” and so, as the years went by, she became more aware of that music. African continent. Thus, with a “flavor of Africa” she sings “Beijo de Saudade”, a Morna that bridges Lisbon and São Vicente.

In the afternoon, at the beginning of the night, she continued with “Quem Me Dera” and “Melhor de Mim”, and it is with these two songs that the audience definitely surrenders, being called to sing with the fado singer.

Oração”, she dedicated it to her parents, who were watching in the auditorium, noting that they always supported her.

For the audience’s delight, we listened to Barco Negro”, “Trigueirinha”, “Cravos de Papel and “Rosa Branca”, “Primavera” and “Mentira”.

With tears in her eye, Visibly moved, she ends the concert with “Ó Gente da Minha Terra”.

This was an emotional concert, a journey of memories, recalling emblematic fados and great songs by Mariza.

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