Marta beats new record and leads Brazil to the ‘eights’

Marta sealed Brazil’s 1-0 victory against Italy on Matchday 3 of Group C of the Women’s World Cup and isolated themselves as the best scorer in world championships, including the men’s.

From the penalty spot in the 74th minute, the 33-year-old advanced to 17th place in the World Cup, ‘untangling’ Miroslav Klose of Germany, the top scorer of the ‘Cup’ in the men, and becoming the best scorer ever of the ‘queen test’ of football.

It was the second goal of Marta, six times voted best player in the world in the 2019 edition, to be played in France, and also the second in converting a penalty after having already ‘billed’ in 2003, 2007, 2011 and 2015.

In Valenciennes, Brazil needed to score against Italy to ensure they were clearing for the next phase, joining the Transalpines, and, after a ‘null’ at half-time, was the ‘veteran’ to resolve the dispute.

At the Brazilian bench, there were Geyse and Tayla, Benfica players, who were once again unused substitutes.

At the same time, an Australian ‘star’ poker star Sam Kerr picked up Oceania’s second-place team, with the same six points from Italy and Brazil, who passed with one of the four best thirds, while Jamaica, who scored the first goal in the competition, did not score.

Kerr increased the count to five by scoring at 11 and 42 in the first half, adding two more in the second round at 69 and 83, while the Jamaicans still ‘freaked out’ by making 2- 1 at 49.

The goal, scored by Solaun, was the only team in Central America in the competition, against 12 suffered in their debut in Women’s World Cups.

In the knockout rounds, besides Italy, Australia and Brazil, there are France, Norway, Germany, Spain, China, England, Japan, the Netherlands, Canada, the United States, and Sweden.

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