Marta Ren warms up CCB’s cold night

Centro Cultural de Belém

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Marta Ren was at the Centro Cultural de Belém in Lisbon as part of the “Destemporada” in which the CCB presents several national and international artists, now that a new reality is being lived, she animated with her soul and funk the audience that filled the Praça do CCB.

The Portuguese singer had a full square awaiting her, but also some cold and wind, which deserved some comments from Marta Ren, but her energy, good mood, soul and funk quickly warmed the square and the audience, “It´s today“, “Don´t look” and “Worth it” opened the concert.

Marta Ren known for her vocal record that is compared to the great black vocalists of soul e do funk, with performances in the most diverse musical projects where she has been, began by asserting herself as the main voice of the group Sloppy Joe in 2004.

Marta Ren -CCB 2021.07.31
©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews

In 2007 she goes through Bombazines followed by Funkalicious in 2009 interpreting covers of classic black music themes such as Aretha Franklin and James Brown. Collaboration with the Commerce Workers in their new generation follows and also enters the project Phalasolo, of New Max dos Expensive Soul.

In 2010 he joined the Movimento with Miguel Ângelo, Gomo and Selma Uamusse, who sing national classics from the 60s and 70s.

This soul woman, started her solo career in 2012, her first single, “Summer’s Gone“, refers to a soul/rocksteady sound that resembles the productions of the 60s and the debut album is all made according to the production from the 60s and 70s, with microphones, recorders and tape mastering in order to preserve the typical sound of those funk years.

Marta Ren -CCB 2021.07.31
©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews

Além de dar voz, Marta Ren também é a autora das letras. New Max, dos Expensive Soul, assina as composições e é o produtor.

No Palco da Praça do CCB, podémos ainda ouvir, “I’m not your regular Woman“, “Release me“, “For what it’s worth“, “2 Kinds of Men“, “Lets talk about kids“, “Smiling faces“, “So long“, “I wanna go back” e “Nervous like me“, numa noite em que a musica de qualidade esteve presente no CCB.

Marta Ren teve em palco a companhia na guitarra de Paulo Saraiva, no baixo de Pedro Santos, na bateria de Pedro Vasconcelos, nos teclados de Guilherme Salgueiro e ainda nos sopros de João Samuel Silva, João Seco e João Sousa.

Claro que o publico não podia deixar Marta Ren terminar o concerto sem voltar ao palco, foi com “Summer’s gone” e claro “Worth it” que este excelente concerto terminou.

In addition to giving voice, Marta Ren is also the author of the lyrics. New Max, from Expensive Soul, signs the compositions and is the producer.

On the CCB Square Stage, we can still hear, “I’m not your regular Woman“, “Release me“, “For what it’s worth“, “2 Kinds of Men“, “Let’s talk about kids“, “Smiling Faces“, “So long“, “I wanna go back” and “Nervous like me“, in a night in which quality music was present at the CCB.

Marta Ren had the company on stage on the guitar of Paulo Saraiva, on bass by Pedro Santos, on drums by Pedro Vasconcelos, Guilherme Salgueiro on keyboards and on the wind instruments João Samuel Silva, João Seco and João Sousa.

Of course, the audience couldn’t let Marta Ren finish the concert without returning to the stage, it was with “Summer’s gone” and of course “Worth it” that this excellent concert ended.

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