Martim Canavarro in “The Last Bath” at Teatro Sá da Bandeira

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Teatro Sá da Bandeira, in Santarém, will host two sessions of the film “The Last Bath”, by David Bonneville, on the 7th and 8th of July, at 8:30 pm, with the participation of Martim Canavarro.

The Last Bath” is the first feature film by director David Bonneville from Porto, which premiered on July 1st and opened the 23rd Portuguese-Brazilian Film Festival in Santa Maria da Feira. With the sisters Anabela and Margarida Moreira in the main roles, the film features the participation of the young model and actor Martim Canavarro, and last week arrived on the big screen.

The film has as its starting point a true story – that of the almost miraculous birth of a male baby, in a sparsely populated and aging area in the interior of Portugal. Josefina (Anabela Moreira), is about to make her perpetual vows, but has to return to the village where she grew up for her father’s funeral. There she meets her nephew (Martim Canavarro), abandoned by her mother (Margarida Moreira), and is compelled to adopt him. Returning to her family home transports her to a dark past and a reality of solitude and intimacy. The nephew’s adolescence and deep religiosity, the danger of sin and the threat of her sister’s return, are challenges she will have to face.

The young model Martim Canavarro appears in the role of Josefina’s nephew. Despite his short experience in the audiovisual arts, Martim proved to be an excellent actor. Her photogenic and charisma in the images captured by the camera are reflected in her gaze, sometimes shy and sometimes bold, and her captivating smile that seduces both the characters in the film and the spectators.

In “The Last Bath”, David Bonneville combines his factual starting point: youth – the attraction for what is unique and exceptional in an uninhabited place, with religion – still deeply rooted and pressing in the populations of the inland villages. In the director’s words, this film deals with personal discoveries, the way we can face our real individuality, despite the obligations we impose, our beliefs, or the pressures of society.

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