Martim Vicente releases new album and announces concerts in Lisbon and Porto

Martim Vicente is back with a new album, Coração. After having premiered, last October, the single “Somos Metade”, written by Carolina Deslandes, the Portuguese singer and composer with African roots is now preparing to release his second studio work, which will see the light of day as early as December 3rd.

Coração succeeds the singer-songwriter’s debut album, The Way (2016), and presents itself as an intimate album, in a fusion of songs created with voice and guitar and a more modern sound, traveling through Indie Pop, alternative music and sometimes embracing the lusophone culture. Throughout the disc, it is also possible to find various details that tell the story of its recording, such as the sound of the crickets that surrounded the house in Viseu during the night, where Martim and Francisco Sales, the album’s producer, wrote and produced several of the songs .

References to the heart are also obvious throughout the 11 tracks that make up the disc – including 9 new songs, written and composed by Martim Vicente, and a version of the hit “Ai Se Ele Cai”, by Xutos & Pontapés. “Coração intends to demonstrate that, despite the human heart being, many times, a whirlwind of emotions, there is time for everything, including to mature and be filled with what it really needs to be complete. This path can be long and sometimes hard, but it will be rewarding and will bring peace in the end”, says the artist.

In addition to a new album, Martim Vicente also announces two concerts for the beginning of next year, in which he will present the themes of his most recent work, live and at first hand. The shows are scheduled for January 26, at Teatro Maria Matos (Lisbon) and January 28, at CCOP Auditorium (Porto). Tickets will be available in mid-December.

With this second work of his, ‘Martim Vicente’ hopes to “reach people with his Heart, who can listen to him as a whole and who do what I most like to see – take over them. The songs make sense when they’re coming out of my pen, but it’s just a process. They only become complete when they stop being mine and start to belong to the voices, minds and hearts of the public”, adds Martim Vicente.

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