Martin Boutique Wines launches 2160 wines

The 2160 – White and Red – represent the soul and essence of the Boutique that characterizes Martin Boutique Wines with attention to detail, the winemaking process, the bottles, and also the stoppers and the artistic intervention of the labels.

The first adventure in the Douro translates into democratic wines, an experience outside and inside the bottle, pleasing to the eye and taste, at an affordable price. Each bottle with a final price of € 6.95. As of today, available in the Martin Boutique Wines online store, selected wine cellars and restaurants nationwide.

The quality grapes selected in the vineyards of Baixo Corgo, Cima Corgo and Douro Superior, travel “upstream, downstream”, as Rui Veloso stonework. The starting point, where everything is born, is 2160 meters above sea level in the Serra Urbión, in Spain. The entire Douro, from its source, is now available in a glass.

The Borgonha bottle adds beauty to the experience at the table and, as in a “team that wins, does not move”, cork stoppers are, naturally, Cardoso Natura, a bet of quality in the wines produced by Martin Boutique Wines.

And because the eyes also eat (or in this case, drink!) And at Martin Boutique Wines there is also a strong aesthetic component that accompanies their own productions, the graphic art that accompanies the 2160 is by the first Portuguese artist to exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in New York: Rueffa. The artist who sees herself in pop art and considers that this artistic current directs the senses and arouses emotions has fully translated her art into the labels of the brand new 2160s.

Visible in the different layers with primary and secondary tones that ultimately reflect the nuances of the wine itself and the terraces of the Douro. On a primary plane, the colors of the fruit; on a secondary level, fermentation.

The production had a partnership with Lavradores de Feitoria, which provided all logistical and technical support throughout the process.

These wines also go through the Portuguese and Spanish roots, of Pedro Martin, founder of Martin Boutique Wines, who here combines their strands of producer and sommelier and who wanted to create aesthetic wines, fresh, pure and with table performance in all aspects that involving the 2160 and bringing the Douro wine region, for the first time, to the portfolio of Martin Boutique Wines.

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