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Martin Boutique Wines launches initiative that calls for national consumption

Pedro Martin, founder of Martin Boutique Wines, launched #martinboutiquewinesvoucher2por1, an initiative that aims to take people back to restaurants and at the same time appeal to national consumption. Until the end of July it will be possible to enjoy discounts on meals at selected restaurants.

Martin Boutique Wines launched the campaign # martinboutiquewinesvoucher2por1 with a series of videos in which chefs from different restaurants share their recipes, and Pedro Martin, who accumulates the role of producer and sommelier here, suggests the perfect wine, from the Martin Boutique portfolio Wines, for each of the proposed delicacies.

Additionally, it suggests booking at these restaurants offering a 50% discount on meals for 2 people (drinks excluded). To take advantage of these discounts, customers will only have to mention the code #martinboutiquewinesvoucher2por1 when booking directly with each of the restaurants.

The founder of Martin Boutique Wines likes to innovate and bring added value to his proposals and at a critical time worldwide, he proposes a different return to restaurants and thus also giving his contribution to boost the national economy and in a particularly critical sector.

At a time of financial restraint for everyone, it is important to create and offer unique experiences. Thus, when we offer discounts of 50% on meals, we are not only valuing the restaurants we selected, but above all valuing the consumer’s money. It is equally important to give our contribution to the restaurant and tourism, which are so important for the country but also for Martin Boutique Wines itself.”
-Pedro Martin

Pedro Martin confesses that the selection presented is a personal choice, “these are some of the restaurants where I like to have lunch or dinner, from partners and friends I cherish. Chefs share some of their favorite recipes and it is also a didactic way of promoting gastronomy”.

Martin Boutique Wines is the first online store where the consumer can buy wine and have, on the one hand, a recipe suggested by a chef, which can be easily executed at home, and at the same time harmonizing the wine with the dishes, suggested by Pedro Martin himself, as a sommelier, a role he has played throughout his career at 100 Maneiras or JNcQuoi, on Avenida da Liberdade, just to mention a few.

As part of this “itinerary”, for now, Grenache, O Frade, Belmiro Restaurante, O Canhoto, Lisbon is Linda, BouBou’s and Mr. Lisboa. Pedro Martin makes an eclectic choice, it is not just a choice of traditional Portuguese restaurants and for those who read (or see) it might not be the obvious choice and justifies:
“It is important to value not only what is ours, yes, but also all those who have invested and continue to invest in Portugal, who buy from Portuguese producers, employ Portuguese, contribute to the Portuguese economy”.

The recipes proposed by each of the chefs can be easily executed at home and the proposed wines purchased from the Martin Boutique Wines online store. The videos will be available on starting this weekend. Discounts on meals for 2 people vary between 30% and 50% and all contacts for direct booking can be found on the MBW website and social networks.

“Have dinner outside, have fun, help the restoration and by the way, have fun making the recipes at home and drinking good wines” is the recommendation of Pedro Martin.
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