Martinho da Vila announces return to Portugal for a big tour

The great honoree at the Brazilian Carnival, “sambista” presents the new album and sings his greatest hits in several cities in the country

The Brazilian music genius is back in Portugal. Martinho da Vila insisted on putting the country on his tour of the album “Juntos e Misturados”, the 50th of his career and will visit four cities in May: Faro (20th, at Teatro das Figuras), Porto (26th, at Coliseu Porto Ageas), Lisbon (28, at Coliseu dos Recreios) and Braga (29, at Altice Forum Braga). Production is by YN MUSiC.

About to turn 84 in February and with a career spanning 53 years, Martinho presents a concert with a full band and visits his greatest hits. This year, the singer-songwriter will be honoured at the Rio de Janeiro Carnival for his samba school, Vila Isabel.

Mr. Samba comes with the musical family that has been with him for a long time: Wanderson Martins on cavaco, Claudio Jorge on guitar, Kiko Horta on keyboards, Ivan Machado on bass, Paulinho Black on drums, his grandson Guido Ventapane on percussion and his daughter Analimar on vocals.

In his new work, Martinho, once again, is observing and exchanging with youth. On the track “Era de Aquarius”, Martinho shares the microphone in a samba-rap with Djonga. There is also a partnership with the stronghold Noca da Portela, after 43 years. They sign together “Black Lives Matter”. Martinho also counts with the participation of Teresa Cristina in “Unidos e Misturados”. In concerts in Portugal, in addition to getting to know the new songs, the public will be able to sing and samba with the great hits such as “Casa de Bamba”, “Devagar Devagarinho”, “Canta Canta, Minha Gente”, “Madalena do Jacu”, “Disritmia” and “O Pequeno Burguês”, among others.

Previously as Yellow Noises and now renamed YN MUSiC, the company has been promoting concerts in Portugal since 2017 and was responsible for tours of Brazilian artists in Europe such as Zeca Pagodinho, Maria Rita, Milton Nascimento, Paulinho da Viola, Ney Matogrosso, Criolo and Martinho da Vila, among others.

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