Martinho da Vila on the stage of the Coliseums. Fado will also be present

The Brazilian samba artist Martinho da Vila celebrates his 50th career with two shows in Portugal, in which he will present the album ‘Bandeira de Fé’ and new songs like ‘Fado das preguntas‘, the first composed by the musician.

Two performances are confirmed, the first on May 10 at the Ageas Coliseum in Porto, and another on May 12 at the Coliseu dos Recreios in Lisbon.

In an interview, Martinho da Vila said that the album ‘Bandeira da Fé’, released last October in Brazil, presents faith not in the religious sense, but in the sense of hope.

“It’s a very eclectic album, it has a lot of Brazilian rhythms.” One of the songs has the title ‘Beira da Fé.’ “Since it’s an eclectic record, it also has a fado. now, “said the samba.

Martinho recalled that it has an old relationship with different genres of Portuguese music.

He has recorded a kind of xote – a Brazilian dance of European inspiration – with the singer Katia Guerreiro and stressed that ‘Fado das preguntas’ deals with the longing lived by thousands of Brazilians who have migrated to Portugal.

“This fado I did thinking about the Brazilians who are going to live in Portugal. I tell the story of a [Brazilian] who went to live in Portugal and organized things to take the family. longing for the woman, “he said.

“A lot of people are leaving Brazil because they do not believe that things will improve or that they will get back on track … Many people here [in Brazil] are disappointed and decided to go to Portugal. problems, but in the longing [of those who emigrated], which is also one of the characteristics of fado [compound in Portugal], “he added.

Asked about the lyrics of ‘Fado dos preguntas‘, which includes a series of culinary references, the Brazilian samba artist said that food is a cultural element that he enjoys a lot in Portugal.

“There are some things that I like to eat when I’m in Portugal that I mention in fado. I quote the little crab, which is a tiny fish, the snails and also the codfish,” he said.

Concerning his expectations regarding the Portuguese public’s reception of this new album, which will also be presented for the first time in Europe, Martinho da Vila showed confidence and said he felt as comfortable in Portugal as in his city, Rio de Janeiro.

“In Portugal, I feel like I’m here [in Rio de Janeiro].” I walk in the street and people say, ‘Alô Martinho, how’s it going, is it okay, is it gone, huh …’ I do not feel a big difference. like home. I sang from north to south and in the interior of Portugal, “he said.

“I will do these shows at the Coliseum in Porto and at the Coliseum in Lisbon,” said the Brazilian samba artist, “I will be happy if people leave the theater happier than they arrived.”

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