Marvão olive oil highlighted at the Gastronomy Festival of Santarém

The olive oil produced in the municipality of Marvão will be featured on October 30, at the 38th Santarém Gastronomy Festival, whose edition this year has its program dedicated to the theme of olive oil, through the presence of producers from the region and a Chef which will make dishes based on olive oil.

At the invitation of the Municipality of Marvão, four certified olive oil producers will be present at the Casa do Campino, in Santarém, during the afternoon and in the evening. They will perform numerous tests of their oils and derivatives produced through olives, picked up in the fields of Marvão.

Luís Vitorino, mayor of Marvão, considers “the invitation of the organization of the Gastronomy Festival of Santarém, the municipality and olive oil producers, as recognition for the quality and excellence of the olive oil that comes from the traditional olive groves and wine presses of the county.”

This presence in Gastronomy in Santarém shows “the recognition in the right bet that the Municipality of Marvão has been doing in supporting producers, developing new brands and safeguarding the endogenous products of Maranhão. Olive oil is one of these examples, “says Luís Vitorino.

Olive oil, in the North of Alentejo, serves as a base for numerous dishes prepared by Chef José Diogo Branco, based in Marvão, where he will perform two live cooking dishes based on olive oil. So, whoever goes through the Gastronomy Festival, as from 5 pm, will have the opportunity to see live the creation of a Creamy white chocolate and olive oil, which will be made based on a velvety cream of white chocolate and olive oil, the which is added to bitter lemon marmalade, a chestnut praline and tagetes petals. a thin cookie dough filled with cacao sauce, steamed, with olive oil, salt flower and coriander sprouts.

The olive oil tasting and live cooking are accompanied by the Tuna Senior of Marvão, who will do the animation of the venue during the afternoon, with traditional songs from the region.

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