Marvel’s Avengers beta starts today

Developed by Crystal Dynamics, in partnership with Eidos Montreal, Marvel’s Avengers aims to be an ambitious cooperative multiplayer RPG that puts players in the shoes of Marvel’s best-known superheroes.

The game allows you to experience solo story missions, or make a group of up to four friends, taking fun and action to the next level.

First impressions show that the game has a similar direction to BioWare’s Anthem, with the characters being sent to complete missions and look for new weapons and gadgets to fortify their power.

The beta starts this weekend, starting this Friday, which will be the first of three scheduled sessions. Initially a group of selected players enters, and on the following weekends the studio will invite more people to test the capacity of the servers. However, the content will be the same, offering a first look at the missions and characters available.

The first session from August 7-11 will be exclusive to PlayStation 4 players, but only those who pre-booked the game. The second session is scheduled for August 13-16, open to all PS4 and Xbox One players, but for PC only those who pre-booked for this platform enter. Finally, between 21-23 August the game beta will be open to all platforms.

Please note that the PlayStation 4 version will feature Spider-Man as the exclusive character. This version, which starts tomorrow, can now be preloaded, having a weight of 27.5 GB. The PS4 version does not require active PS Plus service to play with friends, but on Xbox One, if you want to join forces with friends you need to have Live Gold active. You can always play with AI controlled companions to compensate.

Regarding the beta content, four hero missions from the narrative campaign are included, as well as four War Zones, five Drop Zones and three HARM rooms (which are holographic rooms with challenges). The available characters are Iron Man, Hulk, Ms. Marvel and Black Widow. The initial mission will still have the control of Thor and Captain America.

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