Masks can and should be reused for the sake of the environment

The current public health crisis has exponentially increased the use of surgical masks for short-term uses, significantly increasing the production of this type of waste.

At the same time, the huge increase in demand has led to its scarcity, which may call into question the possibility that all those who are most exposed to possible contamination are well protected.

So that respirators and surgical masks are not lacking for those who really need them, namely health professionals and many others who are providing an invaluable public service, in addition to other risk groups, it is essential to reduce the pressure of demand for this type of goods.

Reuse of social masks is essential to reduce the environmental and social impact

In this new context in which the Directorate-General for Health (DGS) considers for the future the use of social masks by citizens who are not affected by the virus and do not belong to risk groups, it is essential that the foreseeable increase in the use of masks does not conflict with ensuring the availability of surgical masks for those who need them primarily.

There are several resources on the internet where you can learn how to make this type of masks and it is essential to use and sanitize them well, after each use.

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