‘Mastikbeats Vol. 1’ é o regresso do produtor Mastiksoul aos álbuns

Mastiksoul returns to albums with ‘Mastikbeats Vol. 1’ now available on platforms.

We haven’t heard anything from Mastiksoul for months until the release of the single ‘Baixou‘ at the end of 2021. What most of us didn’t know is that the Portuguese producer was preparing his comeback in shape with the album ‘Mastikbeats Vol. 1‘!

‘Mastikbeats Vol. 1’, is one of those records that we listen to and dance non-stop, at home, at a party or in a club. Everything will serve as an excuse. Including the guest list on this record. Examples of this are names like Nelson Freitas and Blaya (in the theme Coladinho), Eros, Wezsdy, Mary (Baixou), MC Miguel (Rebolando), MC Maninho Pibom (Fofoqueira) and Godzila do Game (Pura Africa) among others. Altogether, there are 14 themes that make us travel to other places, cultures and traditions (from Afrobeat to Dance Hall through the unavoidable and more recent Kuduro). All this in an impeccable production by Mastiksoul.

Mastiksoul reveals to us that this ‘Mastikbeats Vol. 1‘ is just the beginning “… during the year 2022 I will release at least 2 more Mastikbeats albums and I will still release my book“.

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