Mastiksoul returns with “Baixou”

Mastiksoul, one of the most recognized Portuguese producers, returns with “Baixou”.

After months of waiting (for a new theme and of course, the reopening of the ideal spaces for dancing), Mastiksoul edits Baixou, which, in his words, “is an essential and important theme about the behaviour necessary for a good party. (Laughter) ). The idea is to go downloading with the beat to have better integration with the music”.

In times of pandemics that we live and are still living, nothing can be more liberating than being able to dance. Mastiksoul even tells us that “without a doubt, it is a theme that expresses the need to be free and dance. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing people dancing, happy!

But, the producer’s news is not just for the edition of this new single “Baixou“.

Mastiksoul reveals to us that this is just the beginning of a series of musical editions and not only “this will be a new musical beginning. After this single, I will release another one before Christmas and in January I will release the first Album MASTIKBEATS VOL.1. But during the year 2022, I will release at least 2 more MASTIKBEATS albums and I will still release my book“.

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