‘Mata’ and ‘Pelican Blood’ win MoteLx film festival

The prize for best horror short film was awarded to ‘Mata’, by Fábio Rebelo, a film that plays with the imagination of fantastic literature and that reveals the promise of a young director.

In MoteLx, a special mention was also made to the film “A grande parodia“, by André Carvalho.

The film ‘Pelican Blood‘, by the German director Katrin Gebbe, won, unanimously, the MoteLx award for best European horror film.

The jury applauded a film about maternal instinct and mental health, about loss and sacrifice, about evil as protection.

Both ‘Mata‘ and ‘Pelican Blood‘ are automatically selected for the gold Méliès prize, awarded in October at the Festival de Sitges, in Spain.

The 14th edition of MoteLx ends today, the day when Jordan Peele’s ‘Pelican Blood’ and ‘Get Out‘ will be shown, among others.

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