“Flammable Materials” is the exhibition proposed for the Graphic Office of the City Museum

“Flammable Materials: Resistance Cultures, Alternative Media and Fanzines” (1982-2021) is the second exhibition proposed for the Graphic Office of the City Museum, located in the Almeida Garrett Municipal Library.

After “Panfletarismo” brought together two hundred posters and brochures from the PCP archive, in an exhibition that was part of the program commemorating the centenary of this party, the second exhibition of the Graphic Cabinet reveals the punk and do-it-yourself aesthetics of fanzines, from the 80s to the present day.

In Flammable Materials, curators Paula Guerra and Pedro Quintela and the City Museum’s Programming Nucleus selected a set of fanzines, fanzine replicas, music, posters, flyers and videographic materials produced by independent movements and artistic experimentation in the city.

Inserted in the context of the ‘KISMIF ‘ Conference and Summer School, whose motto is ‘DIY Cultures and Global Challenges’, the exhibition runs until August 15th, extending the possibility of looking at alternative media of punk and underground culture that echo to this day. The Graphic Office has free entrance during the usual hours of the Library.

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