Matilde Fachada edits ‘Senso de Vida’

On the 23rd of March, Matilde Fachada edited ‘Senso de Vida’, a theme produced under the MIC | Independent Music from Coimbra.

‘Senso de Vida’ tells us about immense happiness that leads us to dance and sing, close to a feeling of euphoria, which according to the author “we should seek every day of our life”.
It’s a simple song, it only has a voice, accompanied by the guitar.

The MIC | Música Independente de Coimbra, from the producer Blue House, intends to discover new talents from the region of Coimbra.

©Tiago Cerveira

The initiative seeks to support the creation and promotion of emerging music by encouraging the professionalization of selected artists. The chosen projects are part of the ‘Café Curto’ program, a cycle of concerts that takes place every Tuesday at Café Concerto at Convento São Francisco.

In addition to the live performance, the new artists are also entitled to a photo session and the opportunity to record an original theme in the Blue House studio and to produce the respective video clip with the direction of photographer and videographer Tiago Cerveira.

Who is Matilde Fachada?
Matilde Fachada is only 21 years old and admits that she is not a musician, nor a singer, and that she knows little about music. However, it is her habit (and pleasure) to step onto the stage as an actress and, behind the curtains, create sound and songs for the shows where she participates. In the theatre, she usually says other people’s words and now she proposes to sing her own, the result of an experimental process in which she tries to combine and play with the two forms of art that intersect in her life.

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