Matosinhos tests abusive parking detector

VisionWare, a Portuguese company specialized in cybersecurity, will carry out, on the next 28, 29 and 30 January, in the municipality of Matosinhos, tests of the European project SCENE (Smart City on the Edge Network Enhancement), focused on intelligent mobility.

The company will test a solution that will make it possible to detect parking violations, increasing the effectiveness of the response of the Municipal Police and thus improving mobility in cities.

The European project SCENE (Smart City on the Edge Network Enhancement) is a new concept of secure mobile IoT platform for smart city applications based on transport networks and targeted at medium-sized municipalities.

SCENE allows synergies between public projects and reduces the costs of smart city initiatives. Operating as a sensor integration platform and using the public transport network as a means of communicating information, SCENE allows the use of high definition images, video and other high-speed sensors.

The tests, which take place next week in Matosinhos, will take place at the innovation hub ZLT CeiiA, a centre for engineering and product development.

It is recalled that the tests of the SCENE project in the area of ​​intelligent urban security took place, in December, in Catania (Italy). Soon, the project will be tested in terms of the intelligent environment in Rennes (France).

SCENE has the support of the European Commission and takes place within the scope of H2020 in the period 2019/2020, in an international consortium with French and Italian entities. Since its foundation, VisionWare has integrated several European projects, such as CYSPA, LASIE, DOGANA and FORENSOR, and has therefore been appointed coordinator of the SCENE project.

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