Matosinhos Habit distinguished at Housing Evolutions Hub

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The projects of MatosinhosHabit, Banco de Bens, and CREW are highlighted in the Housing Evolutions platform, for their innovative concept but also for contributing to the promotion of economic, social, and local sustainability in the municipality.

For Tiago Maia, director of MatosinhosHabit, «this distinction is a recognition but also an appreciation of all our work which, as these projects are examples, is not restricted “only” to issues directly related to housing. This is in fact one of our priorities, but the well-being of the population is also another of our focuses, which also involves providing other conditions and support that meet the needs of citizens so that they can live better and better in Matosinhos».

Implemented this year, the Banco de Bens aims to provide a better quality of life for the local population, also seeking to promote networking, stimulate the circular economy and foster solidarity. This is a project that provides the most vulnerable families and institutions in the municipality with new or reusable equipment that is donated by companies and/or individuals.

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