Measures to increase safety discussed by the FIA in Portugal

The International Automobile Federation (FIA) today discussed several measures aimed at increasing safety in international events at a meeting held in Porto.

Speaking to Agência Lusa, the president of the Portuguese Automobile and Karting Federation (FPAK), Ni Amorim, highlighted the “new seating system for karting riders” and the decision to “commission a study on different composites for the ‘roll bars’ of the rally cars and speed “, in order to make the cabin safer for the pilots of these specialties.

The “Annual Executive Meeting” of the FIA took place in the last two days in Porto and discussed, among other things, “regulation, security, licenses and approvals, pirate proofs and insurance“. In all, there were 14 federations from European countries and the secretary general of the organization, Peter Bayer.

For Portugal, it is an honour to host this meeting, from which there are proposals to improve motorsport worldwide and that may have an impact in the future,” said Ni Amorim.

In karting, the decision to introduce full-size seats that help the driver’s speedy extraction in the event of an accident can have a great impact on the safety of the sport,” he added.

Still in karting, it was decided to equip pilots with an electronic wristband, which in the event of an accident immediately provides various information about the physical condition of the aisle to the doctors on the spot such as the heartbeat,” he explained.

In addition, the meeting decided to standardize “the various types of sports licenses in the various countries“.

These proposals have now to be ratified by the FIA World Council in December.

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